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We manufacture, install and also provide services for existing solar installation. We are complete solar integrators. We also provide consultation on solar related to area requirements, capacity and service and also ways to reduce your electric grid consumption, thereby reducing your overall electric bills.

We provide Installation of Solar Power Plant and Integration and have executed projects totalling more than 1MW in the past 3 years in and around Tamilnadu. Installation includes many residences, hospitals, industries, commercial establishments etc.,

We take up Power Generation projects for Domestic, Agricultural Water Pumping Systems and Industrial applications, both Off-Grid and Grid-Connected applications.

Solar Panels generally lasts greater than a period of 25 Years.

No other recurring/maintenance costs once installed.

Upto 80% accelerated depreciation in tax savings during the first year itself.

In case Off-Grid Power projects the panels can be connected directly to your existing batteries via Solar Charge controllers, which can reduce your electric bills as well as solve the long power interruption problems from the grid.

In case of Off-Grid systems Solar Charge controllers are generally provided to prevent Over-Charging of batteries.

Off-Grid Solar Systems

For Grid Connected Systems, which are applicable for certain Grid tariffs*, The bidirectional meters are installed by the Electricity board. Net metering systems is installed wherein when the electricity generated from the panels, if not fully utilized, the excess power generated is sent to the grid and the meters reading reverses, so only the Net power used is billed for by the EB.

Grid connected systems do not have batteries and are directly connected to over the grid and the panels are connected to String Inverters which directly converts the DC power from the panels to AC and the efficiency is generally high. Use of Grid Connected Systems drastically reduces the power bills. Moreover the String Inverters provide details logs and information regarding the power/units generated, CO2 Emissions reduced etc.,

The connected wattage of the panels should be equal to the capacity of the UPS/Inverter in case of Grid-Tie System/PCU with batteries.

The grid-connected system is scalable since separate string inverters can be connected to each phase at any point of time; the string inverter automatically synchronises itself. The shadow free area required for installation of solar plant is appx 150 sq.feet (14 Sq.m) per KW. The Solar panels may be installed on the roof of the building. We would be able to assist you in selecting the loads / Connect the solar modules to your existing Online/Offline UPS as well.